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Twila Grissom & Anjie Roberson
How you can dominate the real estate industry with automation and referrals

In the real estate industry, both organization and follow up are crucial to success. Whether you are a solo agent managing multiple deals or an agent/broker who is part of a large team, often one of the biggest challenges is having real estate customers slip through the cracks and thousands of commission dollars are lost as a result.

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Steve Wilkes
Real-time data is for much more than just analytics

The conversation around real-time data, fast data and streaming data is getting louder and more energetic.

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Shailendra Sinhasane
Online appointment scheduling: take your medical practice to a new level

Healthcare practices across the country continue to find out that convenience is one of the major areas that patients give importance to while choosing a healthcare facility.

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Alexander La Rosa
Application performance monitoring: a methodology for traffic analysis of multitier applications

One of our main concerns as IT responsible is without any doubt business application performance monitoring.

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Sandra Wrobel-Konior
Things that prove your payment processing is secure

Our shopping habits have changed. eCommerce comes with many benefits, but there are also new possibilities for cyber criminals, who steal our personal and banking details.

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Phil Cleave
10 reasons to start using an online form

Internet connectivity has exposed light to every dark corner of the world.

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